Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to invite you to take apart in the 4th. International Conference in Physical Science and Advanced Materials, Sep.24-27 FRANCE The conference will be held by the NASE – National Academy for Science and Education, Belgium, University of Baghdad, College of Science, Physics department, Maarif Schools Baghdad AUS, SA, USA, BALKAN, MENA, AFRICA and ASIA. With workshop supported by NASE. The conference under the care of Bezmialem University, Turkey, Iraqi Inventors & Innovators Society NGO, IFIA International Federation of Inventors and ARID – ARAB RESEARCHER ID, the first International platform for scientists, experts, and researchers, speaks Arabic language. With CEA ,France Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, university of LAHORE ,Pakistan, Aston university ,UK and the Centre for Innovation and Research, Air Force Institute of Technology Nigeria. You will have a unique opportunity to meet the experts of researchers and engineers and students to present and discuss recent innovations and new techniques in Physics, Material Science, and Engineering. The Organizing Committee also encourages companies and institutions to showcase their modern products and equipment’s in the conference area. Through the Conferences, we have actively created a global forum spanning across the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the USA, for the advancement of physics and materials science. We launched a conference in 2019, 2020,2021, and later in 2022.

We are looking forward to meeting you at PAM2022 in France.

PAM Chairman
Prof. Tarik AL-Omran